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Buddy Digital Egg Monitor

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The Buddy Digital Egg Monitor takes the guess work out of assessing the well being of chicks during the critical period right before hatching. Candling early stage eggs is straightforward, but determining how chicks are doing once they fill the egg, and after they've broken into the air cell, can be tricky. During assessment of late stage chicks it is easy to overstay your time of inspection, and cause heat damage to the embryo. Once in the air cell candling disturbance should be kept to a minimum, but it is often crucial to know how the chick is doing during this period when dealing with delicate species. In past, bird keepers used to float eggs in water to check for viability, but given the porous nature of eggs this approach often endangers the chick. Should it prove necessary to assist hatch delicate chicks, the Buddy provides the support you need to act with confidence. It provides real time monitoring of the chick’s heart rate using electronic sensors that amplify the chick's heart beat in the egg 20,000 times.  The Buddy Mk2 model is the second version of the Buddy developed for the thicker shells of falcons, hawks and eagles.  Its new sensor design and placement, enables faster detection of the heart rate. 

Producing no heat radiation whatsoever, Buddy is completely safe.
If your egg is fertile, then Buddy will tell you by around day seven or eight.
You simply place your egg in the egg compartment, close the lid and press the "on" button. You will instantly be given information from the onboard screen via a flashing heart, Pulse readout, and three-digit heart rate.  If the chick is moving then the Buddy egg monitor will tell you. When the chick settles the readout reverts back to heart rate. If the chick is not alive Buddy will let you know, showing a black still heart, a flat Pulse line and zero heart rate readout.

Buddy can be plugged in (see our universal plug-in power supply sold separately), or battery operated, so that it can be taken out to your aviary to check eggs. If your work is in the field Buddy is solid enough to be taken on the go. This unit works with eggs that are a maximum length of 75mm. It's not suitable for the eggs of very large species.

We import them directly from the United Kingdom. Comes ready to use and operates on one 9 volt battery (included).  One year warranty.

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