About Us

Northwest Avian Specialty is the result of a lifetime of dedication to wildlife and conservation. Our roots run deep as naturalists and conservationists. Though we are still a relatively small and growing company, we are proud to serve a clientele that includes federal wildlife agencies, universities, and zoos and aquaria, as well as a host of individuals, that share our commitment to propagation and conservation. We know that species conservation requires a multifaceted approach, and our goal is to facilitate avian conservation by providing products and services that support the breadth of those conservation efforts. We know that without habitat protection, savings species through captive breeding is of limited value. We also know that without species to occupy it, habitat is an empty vessel. That's why NWAS carries products for both captive propagation and husbandry, as well as field applications. 

Founder Shawn St. Michael brings decades of experience in bird husbandry and conservation to Northwest Avian Specialty. All of the experience he accumulated leading breeding and conservation efforts for species as diverse as penguins and peregrine falcons, and as critically endangered as California condors, makes NWAS uniquely qualified to help you pick the right products for your project. NWAS was conceived of as a way both to take advantage of a lifetime of information and experience raising and caring for birds, and as a way to advance and support the work of husbandry and conservation. The products we carry are, in many cases, products that we have relied upon when raising and caring for delicate species. Thanks for supporting us, and please let us know how we can best serve you!