Vet-Pro™ Warden Pro-Max Animal Handling Gloves

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These animal handling gloves set the standard. Manufactured from top grain Palomino cowhide the leather is supple enough to allow good dexterity and feel, but tough enough to afford excellent protection. Built with a double layer of ballistic Kevlar Felt on the fingers, hand, and cuff for maximum protection against the intrusion of sharp objects these gloves will provide all the protection you need, even if you're dealing with big birds like saddle-billed storks. Cuffs are long enough to afford protection of the entire forearm. Seams are in-stitched with 100% Kevlar thread. 21” long cuff. Backed with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. Gloves come in one size (roughly a men's size 10) and are designed to provide enough room inside the glove to allow them to be shaken off and quickly removed if necessary.

Note: Cuff color may differ from that pictured.