Nestbox- Small Bird

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Encouraging cup nesters to nest is often as simple as providing a stable platform and plenty of nesting material, but cavity nesting species are a bit trickier to accommodate. That's why NWAS provides a variety of nest boxes to meet the needs of your cavity nesting species.  Our flat-topped nest boxes are made of Simon Poplar plywood (made with bird-safe, non-toxic binders) with a carved depression on the inside floor. Tops (and sides on wider box) open for easy cleaning after nesting season. While we have stuck with the convention of naming box varieties after the species that they're most commonly used for (e.g. budgerigar) be aware that any number of species of a similar size will readily accept these boxes. Our flat topped boxes are sturdy enough for outdoor use, but we recommend that they be situated under cover because the flat tops may allow water in at the seams.

We have two varieties of "bluebird" boxes. One is hand-constructed from solid cypress wood. The other ("Bluebird 2") is made of cedar and features a tilt-opening side panel for cleaning. These high quality boxes have smooth sanded edges and will last for years. Their sloping roofs make them perfect for outdoor applications. Both have 1.5 inch entrance holes.

All measurements are exterior dimensions.

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