Silicon Feeding Tubes

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We prefer these feeding tubes to the more commonly used polyvinyl chloride french catheters both for their material, and for their length. These feeding tubes are made of silicone, which is gentler on your birds than PVC, and they're 7" long so they don't need to be cut down as is so often the case with the standard french catheters. This means that you have to worry less about damaging your chicks. These tubes are made for birds, rather than repurposed from other uses. These fit best when used with our 35 or 60 cc feeding syringes, but they can also be used with standard luer slip tip syringes of any size with purchase of the adapter. Sizes come in different colors for ease of recognition.

2.0 mm= most cockatiels, budgerigars and small parakeets, plus small raptors

3.0 mm= most medium-sized South American Parakeets, Senegal Parrots, Ring-necked Parakeets

4.0 mm= most large South American and Australian parakeets, Red-vented Cockatoos, Pionus Parrots, smaller amazons, Timneh Grey Parrots, most Amazon species, African Grey Parrots, medium-sized cockatoos

5.0 mm= most large cockatoos, medium-sized macaws, large Amazons (e. g. Mealy Amazon)

6.0 mm= most large macaws

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