Pesola Spring Scales- Lightline

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Pesola Light-Line Spring Scale, 500g

 Use precision Swiss Pesola scales to determine bird weights or, with the optional pressure set, determine the amount of pressure needed to move objects. Perfect, when used with our bird bags, to get regular weights on birds with minimal fear of injury. Pesola LightLine scales are ultra-light, economical, and precise. These scales feature a tare screw with incremental rotation to protect against inadvertent adjustment, a colored marker ring for clear, precise readings, and a transparent scale tube for panoramic reading. Easy-tare allows you to “zero out” container weights up to 20% of scale capacity. Three-year warranty. Each LightLine scale comes standard with a crocodile clamp. If more clamp security is required can also be fitted with a suspender style clamp (sold separately). Includes plastic case.



Accuracy: ±0.3%

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