Ohaus® ES Series Bench Scales

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Ohaus ES Compact Bench Scale, Model ES50L, 50 kg

 This all-purpose bench scale offers simple two-button operation and a large, easy-to-read digital display. This is the perfect scale for weighing large birds in crates. For versatility, the scale’s 3-way mounting bracket allows you to mount the indicator above the scale platform, to the scale base, or on any vertical surface. The low profile design makes the scale ideal for a variety of weighing applications. Other features include stability indicator, auto-zero tracking, auto-off timer (after five minutes of inactivity), and a large platform with leveling feet. One-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Capacity x Readability: kg: ES6R, 6 x 0.002; ES50L, 50 x 0.02; ES100L, 100 x 0.05. lb: ES6R, 13 x 0.005; ES50L, 110 x 0.05; ES100L, 220 x 0.1. oz: ES6R, 211 x 0.1; ES50L, 1,760 x 1.0; ES100L, 3,520 x 2.0. lb:oz: ES6R, 13 lb. 3 oz. x 1 oz.; ES50L, 110 lbs. x 1 oz.; ES100L, 220 lbs. x 2 oz. Weighing units: kg, lb, oz, lb:oz. Base size: ES6R, 12.2” x 10.8” x 1.5”; ES50L and ES100L, 20.5” x 15.7” x 3”. Typical stabilization time: within 3 seconds. Mounting bracket: 4”. Platform construction: ES6R, stainless steel/baked enamel frame; ES50L and ES100L, stainless steel/powder coated frame. Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C. Power: 9VDC/AC adapter (included) or six AA batteries (not included). Typical battery life: 120 hours (30 hours of continuous use).

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