Metal Feeding Tubes

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While we don't recommend using crop tubes if you can stimulate a feeding response, sometimes, with chicks that are doing poorly, they are the only option. We import these feeding tubes from Europe because we haven't found any others that match their quality. Milled to an exceptional smoothness, so you don't have to worry about burrs or other imperfections damaging your chicks. Also perfect for administering medications. We recommend that crop tubes be used only by experienced aviculturists, or those who have received training in proper procedure. These will fit luer slip tipped syringes. Do not fit catheter tipped "feeding" syringes. Non-sterile, sterilize before use. Can be autoclaved/sterilized for repeat use.

Gauges and sizes are:

Size Length (approximate)
8g 15cm, 6 inches
10g 12.5cm, 5 inches
12g 10.5cm, 4 inches
14g 9cm
16g 9cm
18g 6cm

Currently we only stock the curved 8-12g sizes. Please contact us if you require other sizes or lengths.

A guideline to sizes for use with birds:

  • 8g (approx 15cm long) - for Harris hawks, large macaws, large cockatoos
  • 10g (approx 12.5cm long) - for small macaws, small cockatoos
  • 12g (approx 10.5cm long) - for African greys, Amazons, most falcons
  • 14g (approx 9cm long) - for cockatiels, budgerigars and small parakeets, plus small raptors
  • 16g (approx 9cm long) - for finches and canaries
  • 18g (approx 6cm long) - for waxbills and other small birds

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