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Masalles RHT-500 Brooder

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Masalles has been manufacturing incubation equipment of exceptional quality for more than 90 years. Northwest Avian Specialty is pleased to be able to offer the Masalles RHT-500 Falcon Brooder to our customers. Designed in concert with raptor breeders, the RHT-500 combines a remarkable degree of accuracy, technical sophistication, and reliability. All Masalles brooders are backed by the company's industry leading 3 year warranty. 

The brooder cabinet is made of double-wall polyester EPF for ease of cleaning and superior heat retention. The door  has a panoramic methacrylate window with double air chamber. All internal supports made of stainless steel with electro polished treatment. Brooder chamber equipped with LED interior light with timed auto-off. All units equipped with PID electronic controls with programmable digital temperature and humidity. Humidity is programmable from 10%  to 70% RH. Temperature is programmable from 20.ºC to 45.0ºC (68ºF to 113ºF). Electronic ventilation system (o2 Advance) with automatic variable speed.  Masalles unique Auto Swing Control function decreases temperature oscillations when accessing the brooder chamber. All of our units come equipped with the optional Automatic Humidity System (type HS-SINF with external tank. (Ref.:1200-0621)). These are wired for 120 VAC and do not require a power inverter.

Technical specifications include:

  • Interior Dimensions: 19.7"Wx17.3"Dx10.2"H
  • Max. power consumption 100W/h
  • Single phase operation 230V - 50/60Hz
  • Injection molded double-walled one piece cabinet. The seamless one piece cabinet facilitates cleaning, and is made from expanded polyethylene to inhibit static build-up which can lead to critical damage of the internal electrical components.
  • Fire-wall protection around electrical component housings.
  • Proportional Integral Derivative Temperature (PID) control. Most brooders have a traditional thermostat that typically hits a desired temperature, and then turns off the heating element as the temp rises above its target. The heating element then kicks back on as the temperature falls below the target. This often results in uneven or oscillating temperatures. By comparison, the RHT-500, with PID control, monitors itself, via a PID algorithm, to ensure high precision temperature stability and control. 
  • Auto Swing Control. This function limits temperature oscillation associated with opening and closing the brooder. Thanks to its variable electronic ventilation system the brooder is able to detect variations of .1 degree C  and it automatically adjusts air circulation and heating to ensure perfect thermal stability.
  • Radial Heat Transfer. The RHT heating system works in concert with the RHT-500s PID controls to provide a constant and reliable temperature, with no internal thermal gradient. It achieves unmatched thermal flux stability when compared to brooders with traditional fan forced ventilation systems. Combined with the electronic variable speed ventilation system, which regulates the air flow constantly, RHT technology ensures that the internal temperature of the chamber won't undergo sudden changes or oscillations. 
  • 02 Advance.  The O2 Advance function works seamlessly with the RHT heating system to ensure ample air turnover within the brooder chamber, while simultaneously creating exceptional thermal stability. 
The efficiency of the RHT-500's air advance system helps inhibit bacterial proliferation within the brooder. 

Dimensions with packaging 69x69x78cm • Weight approx 30 Kg

For almost a century Masalles has been committed to  offering superior products, with industry leading technology, to meet the needs of the most demanding avicultural applications.

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