Grumbach Professional S84 Compact Incubator With Digital Controls and Cool Down Timer

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Note: Due to high demand we are currently sold out of most of our Grumbach inventory. New stock will be arriving shortly. Please call, or check back soon, for availability. 

The Model S84 Digital Incubator with Cool Down Timer features 2 automatic turning trays, digital automatic temperature and humidity controls, and a cool down timer. This incubator is made with fully synthetic material for optimum hygiene, and ease of disinfection. Temperature range is from 20-41 °C (68-106 °F). Eggs sit on adjustable turning rollers, and turning is slow, taking approximately 15 minutes, to prevent vibration and damage to the embryos. Low temperature variation, smooth turning, and slow reverse air movement. Made in Germany.

      • State of the art electronics with a proportional thermostat and a secondary safety thermostat offer an exceptional level of accuracy and reliability  
      • Fresh air regulation with stainless rosette 
      • Superior air circulation system ensures even temperatures throughout incubator
      • Dust filter
      • Humidity adjustable from 40% to 99%, water reservoir 4.5 liters
      • Holds 84 chicken eggs (42 chicken eggs per tray) 
      • Used by Top Zoos and Bird Breeders around the World

NOTE: All Grumbach units are manufactured to run off 230 volt outlets. A 1,000 watt step-down transformer is required for voltage conversion, and is sold separately. Due to the size and weight of this item additional shipping charges may apply.