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Grumbach BSA160 MP Intensive Care Unit/Brooder - Model 8102A/MP

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The BSA 160 Intensive Care Unit offers all the quality and dependability that Grumbach is known for, in an affordable streamlined unit that is perfect for intensive care/chick rearing applications. It comes equipped with GTFS microprocessor, adjustable, LED digital thermometer and hygrometer readout panels, automatic humidity control, and cooling timer.  Includes 35-41 º C capillary thermometer, and one grid floor. Larger cabinet size makes this a great unit for use with large altricial species (e.g. penguins, storks, large raptors).  


Latest generation GTFS microprocessor
Automatic humidity, temperature.
Cool down timer.
1 Grid Floor.
Capillary thermometer.

Fresh air regulation with stainless rosette 

Superior air circulation system ensures even temperatures throughout incubator

Dust filter

Humidity adjustable from 40% to 99%, water reservoir 4.5 liters

Dimensions:  cm (LxWxH): 66 x 47 x 63

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