Grumbach Professional BSS 160 CTD7 Incubator - Model 8104

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Grumbach Model BSS 160 sets the standard for professional grade incubators. Manufactured in Germany for over 20 years, Grumbach has established a reputation for consistent performance and reliability. We offer Grumbach's newest BSS 160 CTD7 with automatic temperature, turning, and humidity control, and cool down timer. This unit is fitted with Grumbach's 7" digital microprocessor touch panel display which allows precise control over all aspects of incubation through a simple step by step menu system. When you're away from the incubator the  incubation parameters can be monitored through either LAN or browser interfaces, and alerts can be set up so that you're notified immediately if the incubator is operating outside of set parameters. As a fail-safe there is a mechanical over-ride which will not allow the unit to operate in excess of the users defined maximum temperature. All Grumbach incubators are made with fully synthetic material for optimum hygiene, and ease of disinfection. Temperature range is from 20-41 °C (68-106 °F). The BSS 160 has four trays, and can accept up to 42 medium chicken eggs per tray. Egg turning is slow, taking approximately 15 minutes, to prevent vibration and damage to the embryos. Low temperature variation, smooth turning, and slow reverse air movement. Since this product is made in Germany, it does require a step up transformer (sold separately).


  • Latest generation microprocessor. All functions programmable.
  • 7" touch-display interface.
  • Automatic turning, humidity, temperature.
  • Cool down timer.
  • Breeding calendar.
  • Data-logging via USB.
  • Error monitoring.
  • Staus notification via email.
  • Live data via web browser.
  • Network connection LAN/WLAN.
  • 4 turning trays with 8 rollers per tray.
  • USB stick.
  • Capillary thermometer.

Hair hygrometer and bracket (pictured), sold separately


Voltage: 230v

Capacity: 168 chicken eggs or equivalent

Dimensions:  cm (LxWxH): 66 x 47 x 63

Weight: 50kg

Max. Watts: 420



Northwest Avian Specialty offers free shipping to Oregon on all Grumbach incubators. We do not offer free shipping on incubators outside of these areas. Inquire for details.

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