Pesola Touch Screen Digital Pocket Scale, 200g

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Professional digital pocket scale with extreme resolution of 0.01g over a wide capacity range of 200g. Stainless steel platform is protected by a stable hinged, transparent cover that doubles as a weighing bowl if used upside down. The illuminated touchscreen with large keys and figures is easy to operate.

Pesola professional digital pocket scales are unbeatable when you need a small, tough, easily portable scale for applications like weighing small passerines. The Pesola precision and quality are unmatched, in our opinion, by any other small scale of a similar design. A stable hinged cover protects the whole scale from dirt and damage. The innovative load cell design provides extreme overload resistance, and linear and fine electronics provide precise measuring results — even at the edges of the platform. The large stainless steel platform is the highest element of the scale, which allows for weighing of oversize objects. This scale has four different weighing units, and a quick user guide in English and German on the inside of the cover. 

Flat design fits perfectly into a jacket pocket.

Backed with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.



Capacity: 200g / 128 dwt / 3086 gn / 1000 ct. Readability: 0.01g / 0.01 dwt / 0.1 gn / 0.1 ct. Linearity: ±0.02g. Tare Range: up to 100% of capacity (does not reduce weighing range). Units: g, dwt, gn, ct. Power: 2 AAA batteries. Display: 5 digits, 9.5 mm high, with backlight. Pan Size: 2.68˝ x 1.78˝. Dimensions: 4.75˝ x 2.8˝ x 0.70˝.

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