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Portable Incubators are invaluable for transport of eggs, or hatching chicks, when there's no room for error. We've found nothing as reliable or effective as these Darwin Chambers portables. We now offer three sizes to cover a variety of applications.

The new NQ Mobile Field Unit is the smallest of the three (see dimensions below), but it's purpose built for ornithological field applications! It comes in a soft case with multiple pockets, and features a new internal battery box that creates a slim efficient profile, protects the battery, and makes battery removal or switching a snap. This is the perfect piece of gear for worry free transport of eggs at all stages of development (they can also be used for transporting blood samples, water treatment research, and maintaining microbiological cultures for cell research). Ours come complete with the optional lightweight Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery pack allows them to run on battery power alone.  This feature, in concert with the included 120V and 12VDC power cords, allows for unmatched versatility. These units are at home in the lab, on the road, or in the field.

Quality Control testing verified the NQMFU with the battery pack option ran a total of 16 hours  at a set-point of 37° C. The unit is able to maintain as high as 40° C if necessary. The battery pack is useful in the field, or anywhere a 120V or 12V power supply is not available. For longer periods of time, extra battery power can be added if required for your incubator needs, or the unit can be plugged into a vehicle power supply.

 Units are equipped with a high/low temperature cut off for safety.


Interior dimensions: 17 cm (H) x 15 cm (Diameter) Weight: 3.5 kg (w battery pack). 

External Dimensions (w battery pack): 30 cm (H) x 36 cm (W) x 28 cm (D)

Battery: 12V, 7 amp-hours and 84 watt-hours. Lithium iron phosphate, which offers a greater degree of stability than traditional lithium ion.

Copy and paste this link for more battery information:


Unit completely pre-wired at factory, and includes a 12VDC car adapter, battery charger,  and AC/DC power supply cord. 


Darwin Chambers Company offers a full 6 month warranty on all parts and labor for NQPlus Series Portable Incubators.

Note: Extra shipping charges may apply for international shipments. 

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