Grumbach Compact Pro Incubator

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The new Compact Pro from ProCon Grumbach is the next iteration in incubation technology. Equipped with an intuitive 5-inch touch display and the latest microprocessor technology, it delivers unmatched performance and accuracy. It offers demanding breeders an unparalleled level of control and precision.

The Compact Pro's digital temperature control and automatic humidification create ideal conditions for your eggs to develop. Its motorized turning function ensures even egg development and the digital cooling timer simulates natural cooling cycles. The integrated hatching calendar and comprehensive egg data recording allow you to monitor and analyze every aspect of your hatching. Error monitoring and email alerts keep you informed and up to date.

Tired of charting egg weight loss on unwieldy spreadsheets or, worse yet, graph paper? The new Compact Pro comes equipped with egg-weight-loss software. Simply enter your fresh egg weight, and the software will chart your desired percentage of loss on an easy to read graph that allows you to store and download your data throughout the incubation period.

With live data via web browser and WiFi connectivity, the Compact Pro offers unparalleled flexibility and accessibility. You can access real-time data and adjust settings from anywhere, enabling continuous monitoring and control.

The Compact Pro is more than an incubator; it's a testament to ProCon Grumbach's  passion and commitment to quality and innovation. 


  • 5-inch touch display: Intuitive control of all processes.
  • Latest microprocessor control: Reliable precision.
  • Digital temperature control: optimal breeding conditions.
  • Digital automatic humidification: constant humidity levels.
  • Motor turning function: For the even development of the eggs.
  • Digital cooling timer: Natural cooling cycles.
  • Integrated breeding calendar: easy monitoring of the breeding cycle.
  • Egg data collection: detailed observation.
  • Error monitoring: Immediate notifications of deviations.
  • Email notifications: status information directly to you.
  • Live data via web browser: remote control in real time.
  • Internet-enabled updates: always up to date.
  • Wifi: Easy connection for updates and more.


Capacity: 42 chicken eggs
Weight:    21kg
Dimensions:    66x47x45cm

Please note, since this product is made in Germany, it does require a step up transformer, sold separately.


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