Welcome to Northwest Avian Specialty

Welcome to Northwest Avian Specialty

Welcome,  and thanks for taking an interest in Northwest Avian Specialty.

NWAS is the brainchild of a lifelong bird nerd who had terabytes of information (accumulated during a life largely spent in bird husbandry and conservation) sitting unused, and gathering dust, in his brain.

NWAS exists to put that information to use in support of avian conservation, propagation, and husbandry.

We are passionate about birds, and conservation, and wilderness. And we're passionate about finding products that simplify the lives of the people doing the hard front-line work of preserving species and habitat.

In future posts we'll keep you updated on the latest at NWAS, special deals and promotions, and conservation issues and organizations that are near and dear to our hearts.

Let me say again, thanks for stopping by , and welcome. Please let us know if there is anything that you need, or anything special you'd like to see us carry. I can be reached at: nwavianspecialty@gmail.com